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Thursday 6th June

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£5 to include a glass of wine and a doughnut!


in Les Sables d’Olonne

17th May – 22nd May

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About Worthing Twinning

Worthing’s first town twinning took place in 1997, when the Borough formed a link with four small towns in the Elztal Region, situated in the Black Forest in southern Germany.  

Later in the same year, we established a link with the Pays des Olonne  on the west coast of France, where again our twinning partnership was with a network of smaller communities. This was on  17th October 1998. A new charter was signed in August 2022 to bring the three communes under one mayor, Les Sables d’Olonne

Since then, under the patronage and presidency of The Worshipful the Mayor of Worthing, the members of the WTA have worked with friends in both areas, encouraging cultural and social visits. We have a regular programme of meetings of the WTA in Worthing and endeavour to raise the profile of twinning at events throughout the Worthing and nearby areas. 

Recent Trips & Destinations

Back in June we entertained eighteen guests from Les Sables d’Olonne for five days, exploring Sussex and our local cuisine and without exception they all went home delighted with the visit.

In July, twenty five of us enjoyed an fascinating trip to Waldkirch and the Black Forest. Most stayed with German hosts and a few in an excellent  local hotel, Zum Storchen.

WTA members and eighteen of our guests from Les Sables d'Olonne were joined by the Mayor of Worthing, Jon Roser and the Deputy Mayor, Henna Chowdhury for an evening meal at The Highdown Hotel.
A typical view of the Black Forest with magnificent ancient castles and beautiful architecture. This scene was taken in Freiberg en route back to Basel Airport

Your Committee

Officers of the Association

Christopher Doidge     CHAIR  (French Coordinator)        c.doidge@btinternet.com

Laura Early                    SECRETARY                                       learly08@gmail.com

Dave Short                    TREASURER                                       davidshort52@outlook.com

Members of the Committee

Carol Cranford                German Coordinator              barol@talktalk.net

Barry Cranford               Publicity                                    barol@talktalk.net

Catherine Doidge          Committee Member                                                 

Val Bolt                             Committee Member

Pam Bennett                   Committee Member

Margaret Payne             Committee Member

Tony Ede                           Newsletter Editor 


JON ROSER, Mayor        Hon President




Worthing Twinning Association

If you have looked through the pages on this site and are interested in becoming a member, click HERE for the online Application Form 

Alternatively select this link HERE and download the Membership Leaflet which contains all the information you need to apply by post or online. These trifold leaflets are also available in printed form in WORTHING TOWN HALL and various other outlets in the area.

Lastly, if you have a smartphone – scan the QR code above to open the online Application Form in Google Forms. Once completed you will receive a copy of your completed form and WTA will be notified so your application can be processed.